🔬🧪 Science Jubilee ⚡⚙️#

Welcome to the Science Jubilee docs! This website contains information for lab automation using Jubilee. To get started, check out our guides:

Getting Started

The getting started guides help you start using science_jubilee to control your machine, including installation, examples, and introduction to key concepts.

Building a Science Jubilee

The build guides contain information to build existing tools for use on your Science Jubilee, as well as resources to assemble the Jubilee motion platform itself.

API Reference

The reference contains a detailed description of the API. It assumes that you have an understanding of the key concepts.

Community Contributions

Want to add a new tool design or feature? The contributing guides provide information on how you can help improve and expand science_jubilee.

What is a Science Jubilee?#

Jubilee is an open-source & extensible multi-tool motion platform. If that doesn’t mean much to you, you can think of it as a 3D printer that can change its tools. science_jubilee provides tools and associated control software to use Jubilee for laboratory automation. This website contains documentation for various lab automation applications including liquid handling, imaging, and sample manipulation. While these applications might cater exactly to your planned use case, they most likely will not! science_jubilee is meant to be flexible; hopefully, the examples here provide a foundation for you to design all sorts of niche experiments.

pipetting duckweed

Jubilee is used in various scientific contexts. A few examples include:

We hope that science_jubilee helps you add to this list– if you’re using Jubilee for lab automation, reach out to be added here!

Join the Community!#

  • Whether you’ve built a Jubilee or are just interested in what sorts of things other people are up to, we encourage you to join the Jubilee Builders & Extenders Discord! There’s a large community of Jubilee builders doing all sorts of things there; you might be particularly interested in the #lab-automation channel.

  • For a more focused discussion, you can also join our Open Source Lab Automation Discord!